Student Profile: Billy Jevons

Billy Jevons

1st Kup Red Belt Black Stripe

Junior Coach

Favourite things about taekwondo:
The patterns, set-sparring, self defence, sparring and the extremely supportive and amazing people.

Benefits of taekwondo:
I used to be overweight. After a year of taekwondo it made me lose weight, get fitter and be happier. Taekwondo has been the best thing for me.

Future taekwondo goals:
To learn more, to improve my speed and agility. Whatever I can improve on.

Career highlights:
I got the award “Young Active Achiever” which really boosted my confidence and I’ve also earned Indomitable Spirit and Tenets awards. Anytime I earn a belt or get a medal in a tournament I always feel motivated to go on. But if I don’t get a new belt or medal, I know I need to train harder and I’ll get there eventually.


North West Spirit TKD Annual Student Awards:
2018 – Taekwondo Tenets Award
2017 – Indomitable Spirit Award
2016 – Most Improved Student

City of Liverpool Sports Awards:
2018 – Winner, Young Active Achiever

Recent tournament results:

2018 GTI North West OpenBRONZE Sparring
SILVER Tag Team Sparring
2017 Trident TKD ChampionshipsBRONZESparring