2020 GTI English Open: Results

Olly sparring (photo courtesy of Energise Images)

The 2020 GTI English Open was held in Cheltenham on 26th January. Our Tournament Team got the year off to a great start, with our seven fighters winning seven medals: 6 gold and 1 bronze!ย 

Well done, team!

Congratulations also to Callum Edwards and Stef Davies, who were awarded the GTI Black Belt Competitor of Year trophies for the 2018-19 tournament season. Eight awards are presented each season, and we’re proud to see four of these go to our club members this year! Callum won awards for Boys Patterns and Boys Sparring; while Stef won awards for Ladies Patterns and Ladies Sparring.

Thank you to everyone who helped with officiating, coaching and supporting! ย 

RESULTS: 2020 GTI English Open

Athika KadarGOLD Sparring
Callum EdwardsGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
Connor MurphyGOLD Sparring
Olly GarganGOLD Sparring
BRONZE Patterns
Ryan DaviesGOLD Sparring