Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Dear all,

We just wanted to update you on what’s happening with the club in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

Currently, classes are still running; although we are monitoring government and public health advice on a daily basis. If there is any change in official advice that requires us to suspend classes, then we will communicate this to you as soon as possible. If schools are ordered to close, then our classes will be suspended.

If you have an underlying health condition, or if you’re close to someone who is considered high-risk, then please follow official guidance to look after yourself and others. If there are any students who prefer not to attend training during these uncertain times, this is entirely your personal choice, and we will completely understand and respect your decision.

If you are planning on attending classes, we ask that you take the following precautions:

  • Check our website and/or social media pages beforehand, just in case we have to make any last minute class cancellations based on the rapidly changing government advice.
  • If you have even mild symptoms, or if you’re in close contact with someone who may have symptoms of COVID-19, please protect your fellow students by staying home. Official guidance on symptoms and what to do can be found here.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly before and after class, and even during the class if necessary. We have soap and water on site, and you’re welcome to bring hand sanitiser if you wish.
  • Please avoid unnecessary physical contact with one another (eg shaking hands).

We will be making an effort to limit activities that require physical contact between students (such as self defence drills) and to focus on other areas of training. We will also be doing our best to keep equipment clean and to restrict sharing of equipment such as focus pads and sparring gear.

Take care, everyone.