Grading Results: March 2020

Well done to everyone who did the grading last week! Here are your results! 👏
(Video heavily edited due to Chris getting constant giggles in front of the camera 🙄😅)

Grading Results:
⭐️ Tiger Level 1 (Orange Stripe): Alin, Heidi, Joseph T, Joseph Mc, Leo, Marion, Thomas, Zac
⭐️ 9th Kup (Yellow Stripe): Finn, Seryn
⭐️ 8th Kup (Yellow Belt): Robbie
⭐️ 7th Kup (Green Stripe): Athika, Eloise, Olly, Sam
⭐️ 6th Kup (Green Belt): Blake
⭐️ 5th Kup (Blue Stripe): Ríain
⭐️ 1st Kup (Black Stripe): Adam.

Wee done, everyone!