2022 OMA Championships: Results

Sunday 27th February was a successful day for our team at the OMA Championships in Deeside! πŸ₯Š

It was great to have Eloise and Joseph taking part for the first time, as well as to see Nicole making a return to competition after a long break. A fantastic effort from all our fighters, who each came away with at least one medal!

Well done, everyone! Thanks to all our coaches and supporters, and to One Martial Arts for a great day.

RESULTS: 2022 OMA Championships

Alan JohnsonSILVER Sparring
Amelia FowlerGOLD Speed Kicking
BRONZE Sparring
Athika KadarGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
Eloise WilliamsSILVER Patterns
BRONZE Sparring
Joseph McNichollSILVER Sparring
Nicole MurphySILVER Sparring
Nikola KlizaGOLD Patterns
GOLD Speed Kicking
SILVER Sparring
Sandra BaldwinBRONZE Sparring