2023 BUTL Junior Championships: Results

Well done to our junior team! Each of our 7 fighters put in a great effort at today’s BUTL Junior Championships, winning 8 medals: 1 gold, 5 silver & 2 bronze!

A special mention goes to little Olly K, who won 2 medals at his first ever tournament! And to Owen, who fought like a lion against some tough (and taller!) opposition in his first competition as a black belt.

Well done also to Nikola, who missed out on the medals this time despite performing really well in both patterns & sparring.

Well done to all of you! It’s great to see everyone improving with each competition. Keep up the hard work and you’ll be unstoppable πŸ’ͺ

Thanks to the BUTL for a great event!

RESULTS: 2023 BUTL Junior Championships

Dominik KrukGOLD Sparring
Olly GarganSILVER Sparring
Olly KrukBRONZE Patterns
BRONZE Sparring
Owen GarganSILVER Patterns
SILVER Sparring
Rod HizmeriSILVER Sparring
Tess WykeSILVER Sparring