OMA Regional Championships Feb 2024: Results

Our students battled it out in Deeside today (sometimes with the refs as much as with their opponents!) and each of them gave a performance to be proud of! Our team of 20 students won 30 medals: 14 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze! 👊

A big shout-out to Dean and Ríain, who were competing for the first time; and to Owen & Rod, who also took part but missed out on the medals. Great effort, lads 👏

Well done to everyone who stepped up to have a go. You did yourselves and your club proud 💪❤️

Thanks to OMA for running the event and thanks to our awesome support squad 🙂

RESULTS: February 2024 OMA Regional Championships

Jacob AlmondSILVER Sparring
Alin ManolescuSILVER Sparring
Jay ConnollyGOLD Sparring
GOLD Speed Kicking
SILVER Inclusive Sparring
Ava PhamGOLD Sparring
GOLD Speed Kicking
SILVER Patterns
Tess WykeBRONZE Sparring
Joe McNichollGOLD Sparring
Kaden SpringerGOLD Sparring
Ríain BerginBRONZE Sparring
Eloise WilliamsGOLD Speed Kicking
SILVER Sparring
BRONZE Patterns
Olly GarganGOLD Sparring
GOLD Team Patterns
GOLD Patterns
Adam AhmadGOLD Team Patterns
BRONZE Sparring
Zak AhmadGOLD Sparring
GOLD Team Patterns
Jake KayllSILVER Patterns
SILVER Sparring
Andy KettleBRONZE Sparring
Connor MurphyBRONZE Sparring
Callum EdwardsSILVER Patterns
SILVER Sparring
SILVER Inclusive Sparring
Sandra BaldwinGOLD Sparring