2024 GTI North West Open: Results

Super-proud coaches here today after a great effort from the team at the GTI North West Open!

We had some first-time competitors and a few students competing in higher divisions after the recent grading; but everyone got stuck in and gave it their best shot.

Our 29 competitors achieved 40 medals: 19 gold, 8 silver & 13 bronze!

Well done also to Jonny, Toby, Ríain & Sandra. They missed out on medals this time, but they all gave performances to be proud of.

Thank you and well done to everyone who helped with officiating and organising the tournament, and to all our coaches and support squad. The dream team!

RESULTS: 2024 GTI North West Open

Talia MurphyBRONZE Patterns
Team Sparring
Thomas BullockGOLD Sparring
GOLD Team Sparring
Tom KellyGOLD Team Sparring
Eoin CarneySILVER Sparring
Team Sparring
Erin DaviesBRONZE Team Sparring
Tilly RileyBRONZE Team Sparring
Jacob AlmondSILVER Team Sparring
Jay ConnollyGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
GOLD Team Sparring
Olly KrukSILVER Team Sparring
BRONZE Sparring
Joe McNichollGOLD Sparring
Ava PhamSILVER Sparring
BRONZE Patterns
BRONZE Team Sparring
Tess WykeBRONZE Sparring
BRONZE Team Sparring
Dominik KrukGOLD Sparring
Nikola KlizaGOLD Patterns
SILVER Sparring
Eloise WilliamsGOLD Sparring
Olly GarganGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
Adam AhmadSILVER Team Sparring
Zak AhmadGOLD Sparring
BRONZE Patterns
Owen GarganGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
Rod HizmeriGOLD Team Sparring
Krzysztof KlizaBRONZE Sparring
Jake KayllGOLD Patterns
Andy KettleSILVER Sparring
Callum EdwardsGOLD Patterns
GOLD Sparring
Stef DaviesBRONZE Patterns
BRONZE Sparring